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Quick server bleg, sorry!

[Done!! Thank you!!!!! --lambert]

[Just one more... --lambert]

[Readers, many thanks! i just need one more contribution and then I will have paid off the server bill. On the one hand, this is great. And I have to say, on the other, if everybody who visited the site gave just one dollar per year, I would be rich beyond dreams of avarice, and could even pay writers. Just a thought. Ya know, being one of the few blogs standing after daily blogging for a decade has to be worth something! --lambert]

[Readers, thanks. Based on past performance, I'm going to need 10 contributions to get the server people off my back. I now have 2 3 6,9 but it's a still a slow Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Help! And thanks in advance! --lambert]

Readers, I thought I was going to have 'til the end of the month to pay my server bills, but that's not looking so good. (The end of the month because I'm finally digging myself out from the bills from last heating season, and heating season begins again in six weeks!) So, I'm looking at a few hundred, and not my usual tens of thousands, but right now the cupboard is totally bare! I don't even have enough to make a deal with them... Thank you!

I feel bad to ask on a weekend when I am posting lightly, but needs must when the server drives!

NOTE I foolishly forgot to say that the PayPal button is to your right.

UPDATE Thanks for much readers. Now at least the edge of panic has receded.

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Submitted by lambert on

Still not there, but progress is being made...

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Submitted by mitzi muffin on

Lambert, how do I do this? Do I send you a check (where), or can I use credit card? I can't send much, but I can help.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

were are we in this not so fun raiser? Are we there yet?

Submitted by lambert on

Thank you. I wish fundraising could be fun. If anybody has any ideas....

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Submitted by okanogen on

Sorry, not dumping ice water on my head. I could be convinced to dump icewater on someone else's head, though.

Submitted by lambert on

Not good about social pressure!

That said, you have the germ of an idea, there; it's like an IndieGoGo perk.

I will have to run the blog fundraiser at some point, hopefully in the spring. I wonder if there's some sort of "perk" I could invent... Something digital.

Submitted by lambert on

That work? That you've had personal experience with? That work all over the world?

PayPal is pretty icky, but nonetheless I've been using them for years, with success. I'd love to jump somewhere else, especially to a place where I had more control over the look of the page, but maybe there is nowhere else. IndieGoGo is great, but it's for one-time projects, not continuing (subscription) payments.

Adding, here's the result teh Google throws up. As usual with SEO sites, it looks totally slick, is informally written, and has no date so I don't know if the operation is current.

UPDATE Dwolla, Braintree, and Skrill look good....