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Quick notes on Ferguson (Part 2)

Following #Ferguson and curating as I go--

Above: Umair Haque from the Harvard Business Review...

Above: Or not. Multiple calls from a U.S. Senator and a Democrat, and neither Holder nor Obama do squat?

Above: Not very tactful. Out of control cops, just as in Oakland.

Above: Looks just like Gaza. And there's a reason for that...

Above: How nice for him.

Above: And the national coverage would be where?

Above: Kudos, Boing Boing

Above: WaPo weighs in. It's super-dumb to beat-up reporters. Shows lack of strategic thinking.

Above: Good point. I'd say because Occupy was first, so they're ratcheting things up now; and Occupy was middle class; and, yes, Occupy (at least in Manhattan, not IIRC in Oakland) was lily white.

Above: And war is peace. (Poster is an early Twitter engineer. Lot of non-Obot creative class types getting involved.)

Above: Yeah, right. Know your armored vehicles, people! (I hope somebody is calmly documented all the vehicles and weaponry, including, I believe, an LRAD. A gallery would be nice.)

Above: And Holder. And Obama.

Above: Wow, Nick Confessore. OId School. "Welcome to the Machine" indeed.

Above: Xeni from Boing Boing. There's never a good reason to shut down the cameras.

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Submitted by goldberry on

Hey, where the fuck was claire mccaskill in Denver 2008?? It looked like the whole city was under siege. You couldn't raise your voice without getting knocked to the ground and carted away. Half the streets were blocked off by the national guard.
I was there.
Did she not notice any if that?? Or was she so infatuated with Obama that she couldn't see the army phalanx in and out of the convention center?
What a twit. I can't stand her.