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Quick notes on Ferguson (Part 1)

[I'm stickying this and adding more material in a second post, because it looks like the site doesn't like too many tweets. In short, it looks like the cops are going nuts. It's one thing to whack poor black people, but another to beat up reporters; that lacks finesse. And a very interesting and diverse crowd is watching this on the twitter and hurrying to the rescue. Say, what does America's first Black President think of this? --lambert]

I'm not up on the detail at all, but this is reminding me a lot of Oakland, where we had a heavily weaponized, politically discredited local police force, "aided" by a mix of police forces from surrounding jurisdictions, and very poor communication in a volatile situation. (In the back of my mind, also, is the possibility of DHS coordination/involvement, given the level of militarization.) Anyhow, to start off with some humor:

Meanwhile, some flavor of cop arrested two black national reporters at a MacDonalds. Here's the chief's reaction:

Sounds like a man in control of his force, right? One of the reporters describes the arrest:

I don't know why cops hate being taped. I mean, it's not like they're doing anything wrong. And now to the weaponry:

Below: This theory is as sensible as any:

My impression is that all this is taking place in a relatively small and confined area. But so fucking what?

The governor makes a statement. Also, moar snipers:

Below: A serious point under the humor:

Ian Welsh makes the same point in more serious language. For Hezbollah read the people of Ferguson (and your town, if it comes to that):

Moreover endless low-grade war is moronic. I once noted that Hezbollah was the perfect Darwinian organization; it had learned all the lessons Israel had taught. It was used to fighting while outgunned and outnumbered. It learned when not to use modern communications, to operate as a secret state, and so on, from Israel.

[The West's] militaries are not getting better (though many will claim they are), except in terms of equipment.

The militaries of those who fight the West, on the other hand, are improving by leaps and bounds. They move fast, give power to local commanders, isolate and destroy enemies, and regularly surprise their foes. ...

When you fight wars as a superior power, you want to make them quick, over and out. An America which invaded Iraq, stayed in Baghdad for only two months, and installed the Colonel of its choice as the new leader would still be a US which terrified the Islamic world. ....

The sheer stupid of Israel, of America, of the West is stunning to behold. “Here, let us teach you how to beat us by engaging you in years of inconclusive warfare.”

The correct policy, from a hegemonic point-of-view (not what I would prefer), is to let them have their governments, let their elites rule, and if they get out of hand, knock them over. Maintain the fear. Let them get a bit soft and fat, let them have something to lose. ...

Don’t teach people how to actually fight you.

We have the stupidest ruling elite in the history of the world. I hope their rocket blows up when they try to escape to Mars.


And now, part 2.

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Submitted by EGrise on

They're certainly as dumb as the Bourbons, Hapsburgs and Romanovs, and will eventually meet the same fate, but in the meantime a lot of people's lives will be destroyed.

It's been interesting watching this leak into the public consciousness (like you pointed out with John Gruber) - seems like more and more people from all walks of life are not happy about where this (our society, not just Ferguson) is all headed.

Submitted by lambert on

That's what Gene Sharp says, and he's right.

Shit, they whack a black kid and then leave him dead in the street for a few hours. What did they expect?

Submitted by lambert on

Can you send me a screen shot?

Too many tweets seem to lead to strangeness, but if it's just in the footer, say, I'll live with it for now rather than figure it out....

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Submitted by BruceMcF on

I had the same issue last night ... the footer content was laying over top of the bottom of the diary, and the comment box was down amongst the mess. Fixed now.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...did get this headline right;
*Baghdad USA* regarding Ferguson.

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