If you have "no place to go," come here!

Quick note to lurkers and pending accounts

I like the way that YesMaybe jumped in with an idea:

I joined just to be able to comment on blog posts. But when I realized it automatically makes posting ones myself so easy, I thought why not.

And now we are to have Insectidotes! Which is great! So, lurkers, I encourage you to think about doing the same.

Here are the moderation rules. The rules boil down to the idea that, as a moderator, I'm trying to encourage or curate good writing and strong arguments because those are my values (and that, by extension, bad writers and tricky or trollish arguments are given the opportunity to shape up (until they aren't. (I've been blogging 24/7 since 2003 and don't need to deal with that shit any more))).

Blogging persisently at a high level -- and I fancy and/or pride myself that Corrente is a blog at a high level -- is extremely hard work but extremely rewarding in every way but financially (and especially rewarding in online friendships). So if you want to begin, begin!

NOTE Account approvals are slow because there's a lot of spam and sometimes I miss a real account request in all the clutter. So if it's been awhile, and I haven't approved you, and you are in fact human and not a spammer, don't hesitate to ping me at:

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