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Question on Fetal Personhood

Last I checked -- and the situation may have, er, evolved -- the Republican Platform included a provision supporting a Constitutional Amendment on Fetal Personhood. (One of the increasing pleasures of this election is watching the conservatives come out of the closet on what they really believe (even if they are still deeply closeted in all other ways (adds to the the fun!!)).

So, given a choice between (1) a "compromise" on Fetal Personhood that pulls the Democrats further right, and (2) a root-and-branch rejection of Fetal Personhood that affirms women are fully human at all times, what choice do you think Obama will make?

I say Door #1 based on past performance and known beliefs, but it would be nice to hear what an Obama supporter would say.

I'm guessing ***crickets***, "Wait 'til after the election," or "He has to say that."

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Submitted by mtngun on

No sitting prez has ever been re-elected with an approval rating this low and unemployment this high.

Then again, Romney/Ryan may be the scariest ticket ever.

Seriously, I can't envision FDR or LBJ campaigning on divisive religious issues. They'd emphasis economic programs that help the little guy.

Both legacy parties are using wedge issues to energize their base despite the total failure of the parties to address the economy, foreign policy, and civil liberties.

Submitted by lambert on

... is exactly what's wrong with "women," "gays," and "Hispanics," where I add the quotes to indicate not women as such, of course (no more than Kansans as such, come to think of it), but those who buy into the wedging.