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Putin offers to help Obama out of the hole he dug for himself

Russia proposes Syria put weapons under international control in attempt to avert attack.

The poodle barks favorably: Big step forward if Syria hands over chemical weapons: Cameron

The Sunday talk shows must not have gone well for the White House.

UPDATE Kerry weighs in: John Kerry gives Syria week to hand over chemical weapons or face attack.

We'll see how Syria reacts, but since they're Putin's client, I imagine they'll comply.

So Putin and the Brits combine to rescue Obama from lame duck status. I wonder what their price will be?

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and State says they were just kidding the bombing is still on no matter what you do.

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Kerry put his foot in his mouth and chomped down hard with the help of the Russian and Syrian foreign ministers. This caught the WH totally off guard. They even had to trot out Hillary to save their asses. She did not sound pleased.

Now Reid has put off the Senate vote until Wednesday claiming that he has the votes for cloture. He used some lame excuse

"Reid said the delay could give senators more time to weigh the arguments of President Obama and other proponents of launching military strikes against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."

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Kerry may have stumbled into the solution. Clearly opposition to the war is only growing. AIPAC has not lost a vote since the sale of AWACs to the Saudis. It may occur to AIPAC that it is not in their interest to show that they can be beat.

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From what little I've heard on POTUS Channel today, I hope that the progressive community isn't jumping the gun--thinking that PBO will not engage militarily in Syria.

I was relieved since yesterday afternoon, as well.

The idle chatter on the POTUS Channel (Sirius/XM) today, was that the "bringing out" of super hawks like Joe Manchin and FS Clinton, in support of potential military action in Syria, was to help pave the way for military action down the road.

In a nutshell, the Dem Establishment/Elites are working with the WH to make it "look like" they are trying to avoid engagement by making it appear that they are interested in going along with the offer brokered by Russia.

Just to say later that they have no choice but to strike, because the US can't verify the status of Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles, after all.

I hope this is wrong, but it makes sense to me.

OTOH, a couple of reporters seemed to think that after the speech tonight, the PtB will do an abrupt "about face," and it'll be all "debt ceiling talk, all of the time," until they reach a Grand Bargain.

And I did hear that Senators Ed Markey and Tammy Baldwin have decided to cast a "no" vote on military action in Syria.


Have a feeling that the rest of this month will be much like an out-of-control roller coaster ride!