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Put single payer in the Democratic Platform: contact your delegate

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The Democratic Convention Platform Must Include Guaranteed Health Care for All

Meanwhile, nationwide efforts are underway to bring grassroots views on health care into the 2008 Democratic Party Platform that will be adopted in late August at the national convention. In the mix is a "Statement in Support of Guaranteed Health Care for All."

Since it was launched by Progressive Democrats of America last week, the statement has already gained signers among convention delegates from more than 30 states. If you'd like to be part of this effort to move the national discourse on health care policy in a more progressive direction:

* Click here and find the names of your area's delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

* Contact those delegates and urge them to sign onto the Statement for Guaranteed Health Care for All. Any delegate can go online and become a signer.

Delegates who are not familiar with single payer might be interested in watching this video.

* Pass this information along to others.

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