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Purging the Party of Pests

As we continue to scratch the invasive itch which is the "Party of Joe, All Joe" in Connecticut, there has been much discussion of just how the hell you get rid of somebody who is, in nautical terms, "flying a false flag." Claiming to be a Democrat even though everything he does is working to the detriment of the Democratic Party and the majority of its membership. But he's not the only case. Here's an illustrative example from Alabama:

The Alabama Democratic Party Executive Committee wants Larry Darby, whose radical views include the belief that the Holocaust did not happen, to stay out of future Democratic Party primaries.

The executive committee passed a resolution Saturday telling Darby, who lost a race for the party's nomination for attorney general, that "he is not welcome in the Alabama Democratic Party."

Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever had an unwanted guest at a social gathering can attest, just saying "Go away!" doesn't always work. This Darby person, besides being an idiot, is a persistent idiot. Why he chooses to inflict himself on us--besides our reputation for tolerance, big-tent-ism, and being a lot of lovey-dovey peacenik schmucks, that is--when he is by his beliefs ever so much more suited to the Other Side, is an open question.

His answer to this resolution has been to pout, and complain that he's being persecuted. Hmm, sound like anybody we know?

Maybe something a little more public is called for-- a Ceremony of Discommendation perhaps?--and maybe then he'll get the point. Anybody looking for new street theater in Connecticut might want to try this at Joe's next public appearance, if any. Leave the d'k tahg's at home though; wouldn't want to get security all excited.

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