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Puncturing the premature trriumphalism on Warren


If she allegedly can’t get confirmed because she’s too anti-bank, how can anyone who’d be an effective consumer advocate be confirmed? And if she can’t get confirmed now, how could she be confirmed in a “Dick Cheney” scenario after expected Democratic congressional losses in the mid-terms? This just looks like more spin. And how effective can she be as an acting chief with a nominee for the permanent job expected soon?

This view doesn't "reek of petulance," as the Theatre of the Absurd over at Booman's would have it.

It's simple common sense to anybody who's worked in a large institution, and seen what happens when somebody in a temporary position is saddled with dual reporting relationships and unclear responsibilities: They get chewed up and spat out.

NOTE And I like Warren!

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is this little snippet

Predictably, there are those on the left who want to spin this as...

It almost sounds like he's acknowledging that he's not part of the left, which implies that Obama Democrats aren't on the left. That is to say, Democrats aren't necessarily on the left. More evidence to me that 'main stream' Democrats no longer identify with the traditional left and its ideas. This may be reading a lot into a sentence fragment but it's all about how we define ourselves, isn't it?

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Great catch - post this over at Booman.

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by Big Corporations to park a high level employee while finding ways --or having the employee read the tea leaves and just leave-- to get rid of the employee without paying out too much or causing bad news to come out about the corporation.

Has Obama put Warren in an airlock? Or is she too high visibility to be handled quite that way? Is she just going to be muzzled and neutered?

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From the mouth of Kos (yes, I went there for a quick second so that you don't have to!):

About Obama's terrific, wonderful, spectacular appointment of Elizabeth Warren.....

This is an interim gig, which suits everyone fine. Warren can set the Bureau up to her specifications and vision. The White House doesn't have to fight a hostile Wall Street-owned Senate to get her confirmed. And the gig will be finished in time for her to start her 2012 campaign for Senate in Massachusetts. (And yes, I'm already aboard that bandwagon, even if I have to build the wagon myself.)

Yes, another job for a woman to do: set it up and then move out of the way.

I'm getting really tired of this shit.