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Pulled quote test

There is now a style for "pulled quotes" on the toolbar. Here is the definition of a pulled quote, and how it is different from a blockquote:

It seems that many people (myself included) confuse blockquotes and pull quotes.

The main purpose of a blockquote is to separate a large section of text — quoted from an outside source — that is relevant to the source material at hand.

A pull quote is a section of the article pulled out of its context and repeated to give either emphasis, or to aid the reader in scanning the article.

The big idea is that pull quotes are not intended to be part of an article’s flow. They are a visual aid. If you removed the pull quote from the context of the article, it would read exactly the same.

Conversely, if you take the blockquote out of an article, you are missing vital information that the article is depending on.

Here's an example:

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* * *

I'd use this sparingly. And I want the font to be sans-serif, like Arial or Helvetica, but for whatever reason I can't get the stylesheets to accede to my request. I left the color understated, the same as a headline.


1. Type or paste whatever text you want to be in the pulled quote.

2. Select that text.

3. Click the PQR button on the toolbar while the text is still selected.

4. Then Save.

That's it.

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Submitted by jo6pac on
I think I've tried this in the pass so here it goes again..

Well it looks like it worked this time, because I was doing it wrong before. I'm not sure why it looks this way.

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Submitted by transcriber on

...or else assume you're going to type it a second time, because it pulls the quote out and leaves a hole where it was. Just tried it in the Harry Shearer post. But this is so much faster than the way I was doing it.

Thank you!

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Submitted by jo6pac on

after looking at the Transcriber work I get it now.

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Submitted by transcriber on

the glass was half full