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"Public option" purity test

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What blogs / bloggers / jounos, etc. have steadfastly refused to dignify the meaningless "public option" as a legitimate agenda?

It's a bummer going to sites I like and then seeing otherwise sensible people acting as though "the/a public option" refers to some specific thing worth wishing / hoping / fighting for.

I challenge them on it, on fundamental questions that show "PO" for the big fat zero it is, and they got nuthin'. But they keep chasing that pony, like Roger McGuinn jonesing for the chestnut mare.

Some are mostly clear-thinking on HCR, and then periodically they up and lose the narrative because, as I've described before, "there's only so much bullshit and pressure one can handle, so much being made to feel uncivil and purist and petty for demanding rationality and fairness. Sometimes, it's just too hard to hang onto basic facts and essential observations."

Where, outside of single-payer organizers' sites, can one read HCR commentary and never, ever encounter sympathy for this policy roach motel?

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Submitted by Walter Wit Man on

Hey, ho, what are we fighting for?

Platitudes! A pig in a poke!

How are we going to fight?

Ginned-up fear! False choices! Raw intimidation and bullying of critics! Lies!

It's a confusing vortex of suspect intentions and misinformation.

And I blame that huge glowing orb of ego emanating all that heat and light--Brand Obama.

It's not even human anymore; it's Brand Obama. The entire Dem side has decided to embrace the cult of personality that is Brand Obama. It doesn't matter if Real Obama doesn't "live up" to the marketing promises of Brand Obama (to put it charitably). Building up Brand Obama is the most practical, effective way to achieve some vague, yet good results, somewhere down the line.* **

Everyone is getting on the marketing campaign--unions, progressive bloggers, progressive columnists and think tankers, and especially all the legislators not associated with the Republicans. Even industry is willing to build up Brand Obama in their own way (by pretending that Obama is getting tough with them--aka, that he's "reforming" the status quo and looking out for the people).

But really, Brand Obama is a marketing strategy to hide the cold, hard fact that Real Obama is kicking the majority of the American people right in the teeth.

The vague platitude that is the public option is the only crumb Brand Obama is offering critics to the left. And they are not allowed to have it many anything of substance. Usage of the very term is a genuflection to Brand Obama. Brand Obama worked hard to smear anyone that deviated from its policy choices and its word usage and it has worked.

*Good things to be defined later
** Subject to sell-out, double-crossing, and/or cowardly appeasement

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Submitted by three wickets on

Just hope FDL has not been a willing purveyor of this stalking horse. I trust that Jane has been earnest.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

that condescending slippery little creep HCAN blogger at FDL, Jason Rosenbaum. When challenged, he can't give anything but vague HCAN talking points, or Dem pol talking points,or to say "go look at the details yourself..." along with strongly implying that he knows what's what, and YOU don't blah blah.