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1. God bless US Judge Sam Sparks, whose ruling means Tom DeLay's chicanery with the Texas Congressional District 22 ballot is doomed.

2. God bless Travis County DA Ronnie Earle. His hard work over many long years has, at least for now, stopped DeLay's Congressional career in its tracks.

3. God bless US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald; his investigation has irked, discommoded, and served as a check on the Bu$h cabal; a slow and tedious and painful process, no lie -- but with the same patient inevitability as water damage offers termites, the rot and corruption in the government are offering inroads and backchannels for the eventual denoument of Fitzmas -- a consummation devoutly to be wished.

4. God bless Texas. We've had enough of the GOP and its destructive reign. The same can and should be said for the USA; but as I age I find my ambitions shrinking.

5. Take a look around you, folks. If you want to invoke the Deity of Your Choice, do so; if you want to invoke simple human decency, that's okay too -- but realize that as bad as things are today, there are signs of hope. There is evidence that deliverance, redemption, yea, even resurgence, is not beyond hope. Even the latest in the string of TerrorPlotAverted! blatherings isn't raising the ratings for Bu$hco, or Fox News. Have the worms turned at least? Dunno ... but it looks like maybe finally the people are tired of the tone and flavor of the rightwing crapulence deluge. Huzzah!

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