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Propagation, propagation

Taking back the language from the wingers, one word at a time.

For example, "delusional Republicans" (sorry, again, for the redundancy).

Propagation is hard work! Two years, and it finally took. Kinda like gardening. Today, Kristof, via The Man in the Grey Turtleneck:

When I was covering the war in Iraq, we reporters would sometimes tune to Fox News and watch, mystified, as it purported to describe how Iraqis loved Americans. Such coverage (backed by delusional Journal editorials baffling to anyone who was actually in Iraq) misled conservatives about Iraq from the beginning. In retrospect, the real victims of Fox News weren't the liberals it attacked but the conservatives who believed it.

Words all the more powerful for being true.

NOTE Oh, and "clusterfuck", too. Clusterfuck being a term of art in the military...

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