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Projection is the Mark of the Villager

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So who wrote this?

After reading your rant about what you describe as [ ]'s "remarkable legacy of failure," my first reaction is to suggest that you might want to talk to your doctor about upping your meds.

Nice and shrill, isn't it? Of course, probably not what one should say if you're Comm Director for a major advocacy group and certainly not to one of the bigger bloggers in our lil world.

What amazes me is that I still read defenders like this (emp added):

But Matt does invite these sort of things: "That's simply disgusting and dishonorable and they should be ashamed of themselves." That wasn't exactly civil either, and set a poor tone in his original piece.
by: shaej @ Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 08:44

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If you're going to be uncivil, you can't start having airs because someone is uncivil back to you.
by: jlkenney @ Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 09:48

To which I responded, "WFT are you thinking?" There is a huge difference in polite society between calling someone out for "rants" that need "meds" and telling someone you believe their conduct is dishonorable and shameful. It fascinates me how again and again, bloggers are denigrated for behaviors mostly found by those whom we critique. Projection, baybee, it's not just for Republicans!

I haven't read Matt's original post yet, so I'll have to go see what all the hoopla is about. But I just had to share this little example of Village hubris with you. One commenter noted:

Go easy on the communications person... (0.00 / 0)
I have to defend this. She wanted our attention and she got it. She's got the idea she is jumping into some moshpit of the ignorant and she tried to play on what she thinks of as our level. She's wrong -- I hope.
I don't like her for her tone, but the matter to criticize in this response, and in the behavior of old line "nonpartisan" advocacy groups in general, is that they have been getting duped for 15 years by right wingers. And mostly they just temporized. Now, when progressives have created organs with which to fight back, they whine.

Sounds about right to me. Still, the arrogance! Sometimes it still shocks me, that these Heathers think so highly of themselves and are at the same time so demonstrably lame.

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I think he went to the same voice coach who taught Joe Lieberman sanctimony, and, as Stoller points out in the original post:

Yes, that's former Congressman Jim Leach, Republican, who voted for Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay repeatedly (and chaired Whitewater hearings and voted for Clinton's impeachment) before being voted out of office in 2006. He's now the Chair of Common Cause, the group that sought to regulate blogs a few years ago under FEC law, potentially as political committees. That's who Common Cause chose as their chair. That's simply disgusting and dishonorable and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Since we're not looking for jobs in the Village, I can say it:


Stoller's just right. Putting Leach in charge of Common Cause is like putting Jesse Helms in charge of a Martin Luther King memorial. Not only is it a guarantee that the whole project will go off the rails, it's a deliberate slap in the face to anybody who knows anything about recent history at all.

And the beauty part is that the Common Cause flak just loses her temper entirely (meaning that she loses).

Surely, were she to have allowed herself a moment to cool off, she would have realized that "Take your Ritalin, Garth" is not a commensurate response to the (correct) charge that supporters of the Clinton impeachment should be ashamed of themselves?

Or perhaps not. Eh?

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