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Projection bombing the Koch brothers

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Last night I went with Occupy DC, Stop The Machine, and a bunch of other progressive groups for a night of projection bombing. We went to the DC convention Center where Americans for Prosperity were having their event.

We saw a group of short films from . There is a marvelous send up of the old Coca Cola song that I highly recommend.

While we were watching one demonstrator walked around the crowd shouting, “This is not a revolution, this is comfort.” There were also shouts of, “Turn off the TV.” One fellow called for going inside the convention center, and judging from the Forbes account of the evening some demonstrators did go inside the convention center. However, nothing I saw corresponded to what the Forbes reporter described. Specifically, I did not see, nor did I hear, any ambulances.

There were lusty chants of “banks for bailed out, we got sold out.” “tell me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like.” “union busting is disgusting,” and all the favorites. It was great to be there, I had such a feeling of solidarity. It was bracing to be part of a crowd that has discarded pragmatism and is ready to demand what is right for the country.

Alternet has an account of the evening here.

UPDATE: Attack on #occupydc Protesters at Occupy Koch Brothers Action

Last night our protest against the elite underminers of our society ended in a heartless act of violence and a disgraceful abortion of justice. The driver of a silver Lexus, Maryland plates 8(A over J)8425, plowed through one line of protestors peacefully blocking L Street, stopping, pausing and starting again, carrying a woman 20 feet before she was launched off the hood of his car. At least one police officer clearly saw this assault, as his car turned and pursued the driver. The driver then turned the corner and plowed through another peaceful line of protestors at 7th Street and New York Ave. Having left two people motionless on the ground, he was stopped by sitting police cars before he could escape.

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