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"Progressives" give Blue Dogs the kiss off, then push the "public option" zombie magic sparkle pony

One despairs.

We know from Tom Harkin that the Dems had the votes for either the so-called public option or single payer -- and we also know that career "progessives" ran a bait-and-switch operation against single-payer using the shape-shifting and ever-changing "public option," which was always a collection of bullet points rather than a serious policy. In fact, Jon Walker at FDL is still doing just that.

Why, oh why, can't our "bold progressives" just, for once in their lives, advocate for the best policy? Single payer is simple, rugged, and proven. We've run the largest controlled experiment in the history of the world, with two continental-sized, multi-cultural, multi-national, common law, Anglo-spheric, capitalist countries with Federal systems and broadly similar demographics and social characteristics -- The United States, and Canada -- and the Canadian single payer system just wins, hands down. It produces equivalent health outcomes, and saves a shit ton of money.

So, we do a triumph dance on the grave of the Blue Dogs, and then advocate for the public option? What's wrong with these people?

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

Molestus hoc, ergo propter hoc. If there was any actual evidence that any of those Senators lost because progressives refused to support them b/c of the "public option", I might take Adam Green's proposition seriously. From my cynical viewpoint, it looks like Senators in some swing states lost in two Republican voting years.

Submitted by lambert on

The entire Democratic party leadership bent over backwards to accommodate these weasels on policy, and they didn't get squat for it, and then they lost anyhow.