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Progress: Christianist takes the fifth instead of outright lying

Let's all be nice to Monica [snicker] Goodling!

After all, here's a Christianist who's at least willing to >take the fifth, instead of outright lying. We learn about Marcia's educational qualifications from the Amazing Froomkin:

Goodling, who is in her early 30s, graduated from Messiah College and the Pat-Robertson founded Regent University Law School.

Baby steps, baby steps.

Then again, you imagine the entire government infested with 30-something Christianist apparatchiks....

Suffice to say that a lot of work lies ahead.

NOTE Messiah College, despite the name, seems to be an actual, educational institution--the operational definition of "educational institution" being "not run by Pat Robertson.

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doesn't mean you should be automatically associated with conservative Christians and their perceived qualities. As a Messiah alumni, I can say that I (along with the majority of my friends) graduated more liberal than when we entered and that's because Messiah is a real educational institution-you learn about all sides of the spectrum (you aren't just indoctrinated) and become a more enlightened person for it.

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I graduated from Messiah College, where I received a BS in biology and chemistry. It is an awesome school and I rec'd an excellent education. Oh Yeah, I work for the DuPont company as a molecular biologist (for the past 20 years). I also won a green chemistry award from the Department of Agriculture and I hold 5 U.S. patents. Not bad for a (Messiah College) girl from central PA, huh? Lay off Messiah College, its a great school.

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All I know about Messiah is that it takes lots of the parents' hard-earned money to educate their daughters only to tell the girls they should find a husband and dump their career as soon as possible.

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Um, no. I don't know what your source is. I'm a female and a Messiah '04 alum and I was never told or otherwise hinted at by admin, faculty or staff that my career was not important. Indeed, I was encouraged to pursue my career. Several female friends including myself went on to graduate school to get higher degrees. Others went on to carve out careers in their fields - accounting, graphic design, nursing, freelance writing, etc.

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But Messiah College sure looks good on a Christianist's resume, no?

First impressions are everything.

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In light of Monica Goodling's last name and attendance of Messiah College in Central Pa., one wonders about her relationship to the conservative Congressmen from that area - Bill Goodling, Sr. and Bill Goodling , Jr. That connection might explain how a 33 year old nobody with questionable law school credentials became White House liason for the Justice Department.

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so is everybody cool with Disney rereleasing "Song of the South" to a new generation which might not be familiar with "Negro dialect" as a historical speaking style?

Personally I hope they do it just so we can get such incredibly useful metaphors as "tar baby" and "don' throw me inta dat briar patch, B'rer Bear!" back into the discourse without having them seen as racial insults.


Jason, that's a terrific point about the Goodling name in that part of the state. I knew it was tickling a memory but couldn't think of why--thanks. As to the answer, I haven't been able to find it yet. Goodling Sr. retired from the US House so his bio doesn't seem to be on their website any more. And if Jr. is in office it must be at PA State level as I haven't found him yet. But given how increasingly nepotistic government has been getting in this country it would not surprise me a bit either.

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The idea is to get these families who are Our Betters into the saddle forever.

Bring back the days of "honest graft" say I.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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she sure hasn't made any use of it in promoting her career. At least not in public. I googled the shit out of both their names and found one (1) confirmation that she IS his daughter, another one (1) that she was his daughter in law (which I had considered but discounted after numerous people mentioned having gone to Messiah College with her; presuming she was unmarried at that time her name was already Goodling), and one (1) flat assertion that she is NOT William Goodling Sr.'s daughter.

So I dunno. Still doesn't mean she might not be a niece, cousin or some other kinfolk. Most of your better (aka "more aristocratic", thanks Lambert) families are very careful about maintaining kinship ties and using such links to promote and protect the larger clan group, including through marriage links.

(Me, I couldn't tell you if any of my three cousins are still alive, and am not entirely sure about one sister I haven't heard from in a couple of years. This is why I am not aristocratic nor in a position of power. *Sigh*)

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Messiah College has produced both a Rhodes Scholar and a Fulbright Scholar and regularly produces graduates that matriculate directly into Ivy League law schools. Monica's choice of law school does not reflect poorly on Messiah College. Messiah College also ranks 9th nationally for schools that send students to study abroad, debunking the notion that it is a closed-minded religious community. To boot, their men's soccer team is 3-time defending national champion and 5 times in 7 years! - Messiah alum

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I wrote in the post:

NOTE Messiah College, despite the name, seems to be an actual, educational institution—the operational definition of “educational institution” being “not run by Pat Robertson.

So, I'm very glad to hear that all graduates of Messiah College aren't trying to politicize the criminal justice system and then, irony of ironies, taking the fifth like Monica Goodling. Congratulations to all of you, and I'm gald you're doing well and not trying to destroy the Constitution.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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I went to Messiah as well. I was a crazy kid that went to Messiah because it was different than most schools. Fantastic education and really decent people. If I chose to go somewhere else, I'd probably be working at Pizza Hut instead of a Fortune 500. No caveats...

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Is it true that 150 graduates from Messiah are in the Bush administration?

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Ironically enough Messiah College is a perfectly respectable, albeit "...rooted in the Anabaptist, Pietist and Wesleyan traditions", Liberal Arts school. The experience of attendance does not seem to have improved Monica Goodling's character sufficiently to keep her out of departments of ill repute later, but that is perhaps beyond the responsibility of an institution of higher learning.

Regent "University", meanwhile, is a Dominionist enclave of radical clerics intent on charging large amounts for indoctrination and brainwashing services, and emplanting the resulting droids at the highest levels of the US government they can reach, so as to perpetuate their little scam in perpetuity.

Monica went there (to Regent) for law school, which is how we found out about the other 149 or so Regent grads infesting the government, apparently concentrated in the Justice Dept. on account of them being lawyers 'n' shit.

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Messiah College hardly teaches "all sides of the spectrum". Its community covenant - to which all faculty and students must agree and by which they must all abide - calls homnosexuality and sex outside of marriage sins, placed in the same category as stealing, dishonesty, sexual exploitation, and abuse. Faculty have to write "faith papers" that have to be approved by the academic community as a condition of promotion and tenure. The college website skirts around the issue of intelligent design - too chicken to take a stance either way. Like every other Christian college, Messiah College panders to the religious right.