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Programmer under oath says Ohio elections probably hacked

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This video horrified me when I watched it this morning.

The video was uploaded a few days ago, but I can't seem to figure out the date that the testimony was given or which presidential election the testimony was in reference to. Can anyone give anymore details about where the video comes from?

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there's a documentary about him here:

Curtis was a programmer (and a Republican) working in Florida who was asked to write a program that would flip votes to Rs when Bush was running in 2000. He refused and turned whistle blower, but not much happened with the case. He was pretty much forced to leave Florida after being blacklisted for work and intimidated a number of times.

In my opinion, he's absolutely legit.

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About 10 minutes in, Maxine Waters makes a reference to the president (Bush) being re-elected. Plus, I don't recall that Ohio, explicitly discussed much earlier in the video, was of particular interest in 2000 with respect to voting fraud. The witness appears to be talking about a software routine that was created in 2000 at the direction of Florida House Speaker Feeney (to hack the vote in south Florida) and then reused in Ohio in 2004 (when it appeared that Bush was about to lose).

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Okay, well, I'm sorry if I posted something old and if most people have seen this already.

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found direct evidence that both elections for Bush were rigged by voting machines.

It is horrifying, it should have been all over the media at the time, why were there no prosecutions nor follow ups. And of course, why are the same machines with the same bugs/features still in place and operating today?

We are no longer a functioning democracy in any sense of the word. And our current political institutions can't handle any type of fraud or criminality, even with the evidence in broad daylight and spelled out - on this issue or many others.

Given that our 'elected' officials are chosen for us, my only question is why we waste so much time and money on election cycles for months on end? Is the benefit of distracting the masses worth that much investment? You would think the oligarchy would get sick of throwing money away on it. Surely they are just as annoyed by all the TV advertisements as we are.

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and it all fell down the memory hole, like a search result Google doesn't think you should have.


Thanks for posting this. I sure didn't see it at the time, and I was one of those looking!

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That's my 99% sure guess, tho I don't know when this testimony was.

I watched and read about this "episode" in the days immediately following the election. My first internet immersion. Ohio was a huge problem with a very odious Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. Looking at the county by county district by district returns it was clear that something was not right. irrc correctly, if Kerry had won Ohio, he would have won the election.

BradBlog covered it extensively for over a year.

The reason that this was covered for so long at Bradblog (one of Brad's huge focuses is election fraud) is that Kerry kept making loud noises for a long long time about challenging the Ohio outcome, and continuing to ask for donations on behalf of that. And then Kerry folded. Right. So then I knew who Kerry was, or what he was.

This is the first google article I came up with-

I don't remember all of the details at the time, but the article above rang some memory bells from 2004, info from other internet sources. One quote/ piece of info from above that was new to me:

In THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, Barack Obama voices pride in having NOT joined the Congressional Black Caucus in opposing the electoral vote-count for Ohio, because “my guy had lost,” period. “That was the cold, hard political reality. Everything else was just sentiment.”

I would have to do more research to refresh my memory, and this is just my kinda sorta stab at events, but irrc, Congress (or House Rep) has to vote to certify (?) election results (as in endorse result of Electoral College). But, again, irrc several House members, including Maxine Waters voted not to "certify" the EC outcome because of Ohio. That's her "Ohio" connection.

Anyway, if you want to delve back google "John Kerry" Ohio "Kenneth Blackwell" you'll find a gazillion articles at the time. Or try to find Bradblog entries from Nov 2004 and go from there.

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My friend talked to Brad Friedman today on twitter about this video and Brad said the vid is from 2004 and that he's the one who broke the story.

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Brad def. broke the story. Bradblog was the first blog I discovered and followed. Brad was totally all over the Ohio results at the time, and I was reading bradblog avidly. Bradblog servers crashed several times, and Brad had to set up additional access because so many people were checking out BB.

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The vid you posted is part of much larger story/ saga concerning Ohio voting in 2004 Pres. election. Well, that my is absolute best guess, because I followed events at the time. See my longer comment above.

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Yeah, I doubt this has been seen a lot and while we're talking about illegitimacy of governments--both real (e.g. broken social contract, Bush) or unreal (e.g. birtherism)--this is extremely relevant.

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and issued a report on the voting irregularities in Ohio. IIRC, it was statistically impossible for Bush to end up with more votes than Kerry in the state, but there was much more to it than that.

Makes me wonder why we go through this campaign charade for months on end when it's obviously meaningless, just a way to give people the illusion that they play a role in the system.

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Went to bed at like 4AM with the Kerry campaign swearing they'd challenge the result, woke up and they'd folded. And yes, after collecting money for the challenge. It was appalling.

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But the Kerry promises as to challenging the election went on and on, not just on the day after, but for a long long time...... is that what you meant? Because Kerry kept on holding out hope for the rubes.