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Profiles in Racism

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Brought to you by House Homeland Security Chair Peter "They All Look Alike to Me" King:

WASHINGTON -- Declaring that airport screeners shouldn't be hampered by "political correctness," House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of "Middle Eastern and South Asian" descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion.

Discussing the recent revelation of an alleged plot in England to blow up U.S.-bound airliners, the Seaford Republican said yesterday that, "if the threat is coming from a particular group, I can understand why it would make sense to single them out for further questioning."

King, who has said that all Muslims aren't terrorists but that all recent terrorists are Muslim, favors an ethnic and religious profiling scheme that would include foreign and American-born travelers. "I would give the investigators and screeners a lot of discretion as to where it ends," he said.

Cause you can just trust in those screeners, they'd never, ever abuse this I'm sure. Actually, this bothers me a great deal, as more than once I've been asked if I'm of Middle Eastern descent. I'm sure this sort of permission to profile will quickly descend into "rough up all the brown people" while da white folks move along smoothly. Heck, why don't we just bring back "separate but equal" and be done with it?

I'm not shocked, but I do wonder for how much longer Americans will tolerate the racism of the Republican party. It seems to be growing more quickly now, not a day goes by without some Republican making some outrageous claim. It's rather pitiful how skeered and foolish many Republicans really are, and to know how much they have bought into their own bullshit.

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