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But professor --- What if they broke the law?

Phillip Heynman:

“When you get one administration prosecuting its predecessor, you start creating the conditions of a banana republic,” said Philip Heymann, a law professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who served as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton. “Every Republican in the country would think this was a dangerous attack on the two-party system.”

It's the two party system that separates us from Banana Republics?!?!

Funny, I would have that thought is not having a lawless elite was the difference. You know, the Constitution? The rule of law? Parties not having even been envisaged by the Framers.

That, and not being ruled by kleptocratic banksters who loot the public Treasury for whatever they want with total impunity, with no accountability and no transparency.

But then, I'm not a professor at Harvard.

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