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Professor Krugman?

There's a column idea for you at the Columbia Journalism review.

Just saying.

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Lambert, that was a great read. It really gives one an understanding of the mindset of our vaunted "financial press". Where do you find this stuff, by the way? Thanks for posting it!

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If you believe, with Bill Black, that accounting control fraud -- that is, CEOs looting their own companies by controlling the appropriate checks and balances -- is at the heart of the financial crisis, and that "it's turtles all the way down" with the fraud, then you'll find ample confirming evidence in the CJR article, in the examples given, which are dots nobody has connected. And yet there's very little coverage of this outside the econoblogs, let alone from our tribunes of the people in the progressive blogosphere, or from our progressive president. Odd, that.

Listen to those YouTubes. They're lengthy, but rewarding.