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Still, as we look to the future, I hope any path progressives follow on health care focuses on reconciliation and expanding existing public options, rather than creating new ones.

Still, even now, Bowers can't bring himself to mention of those two little words, single payer. I'm curious, though:

Why can't Bowers mention single payer, even in a post mortem?

1. Is he afraid he'd lose his access?

2. Is he afraid he'll lose clients?

3. Can he not admit error?

4. Does he have an aversion to reform that can actually be shown to work?

I mean, the least he could do throw out a little specious verbalizing...

NOTE One thing, though, I have to say, speaking of "public options." Bowers is from PA, after all, and I've really appreciated his coverage for the state level single payer efforts going on in Harrisburg. Oh, wait...

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Submitted by hipparchia on

they're good to have on your side, and if you're going to be incremental, admitting that expanding medicare is better than making yet another separate piece of bureaucracy, i'm happy.

it's not like jason is ever going to cross over to join us on the medicare is better dark side.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

that is what really gets me, the deafening silence on what is happening in his state. He and Sestak are really going to look stupid if the state bill passes with a GOP controlled senate. It is beyond everything.