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Obama's health insurance mandate is a just another bailout, this time for the insurance companies

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Jonathan Cohn quoting Dr. Steve Auerbach

Mandate plans such as Obama/Baucus are in effect a bail-out of the private insurance companies that add no value to the health care system. Reducing the federal tax benefit such as Wyden and Republicans support, just shifts the cost from the Federal government to state government, employers and individual.

None of these proposals, other than single payer, actually controls total system costs, nor the risk of a big hit to individuals when they actually get sick and need care. None takes advantage of the benefits of the savings between the efficiency of 3 to 4 percent Medicare overhead, compared to the inefficiency of the 15-20% overhead inefficiency; the savings inherent in monopsony, in global budgeting and rationalized planning.

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We know that Obama is not going for a single payer. But, he can still lower the income of the insurance companies by allowing an overhead of 10%.

A single payer will be the next stage; Obama is not the last president.

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I mean, just as soon as "Wait 'til he does something" dies the death, we start with "Wait 'til the next President?" "But he's only been in office thirty days!" Haw.

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I'll be dead by then. But, of course, that's what these "progressive" "Dems" want...just go away and die.