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Priorities at Pravda

Pravda has what looks like a fine report today on AIDS programs in Washington, DC. Here's how they describe it:

About this Investigation
Over ten months, the Washington Post analyzed the spending, services, and finances of every specialized AIDS organization funded by D.C.'s HIV/AIDS Administration from 2004-2008, an estimated 90 groups, building a database from tax returns, audits, lawsuits, real estate records, D.C. Council records, and corporate and police reports. The Post also obtained grant agreements, invoices and government correspondence for about 60 of these groups. The newspaper interviewed dozens of people with HIV or AIDS patients, their families and service providers, and visited more than a dozen offices across the city.

The largest possible sum at issue seems to be $25 million, since that's the total sum available to non-profits, where the problems seem to be concentrated.

So, one question:

Why aren't similar investigative resources being directed at the $24 trillion that went to the banksters? A million is not like a trillion; see here for visualization.

Aren't the trillions that went to the banksters more important than a few millions that don't even add up to "real money"?


Just asking.

NOTE I mean, at least Bloomberg's got a FOIA going on where the bailout money went. So where's the newspaper of record for Versailles on this? Is "Look! Over there!" all they're really good for?

UPDATE See Project Censored for the Top 25 Censored Stories of 2009-2010. Oddly, or not, this story is #1!

UPDATE Here's another odd thing: McClatchy has this story on Moody's, which is owned by Buffet, and not WaPo, where Buffet is an investor. Or maybe not so odd.

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