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Princeton and Princeton Theological Seminary are separate institutions

Let the oppo begin:

Economics professor and political giant killer David Brat appears to have done a little biographical inflation on his campaign website.

One of his “About Dave” selling points: “that he tested his rural values against the intellectual elite while at Princeton.”

But Brat never attended Princeton University, home to just the type of elites – we’re looking at you, Paul Krugman – some conservatives love to bash. “We have no record under that name,” said Princeton University spokesman Martin Mbugua.

Alas, Brat’s full 17-page CV lays out the facts: His Master of Divinity, Brat writes, came from Princeton Theological Seminary – a well-regarded institution, but far from the hotbed of Krugman-like liberal excess some conservatives may have imagined.

To be fair, Brat could have meant the town of Princeton, or the Princeton milieu. A venial sin, surely, and only one an amateur would make. But here we go!

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