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It occurs to me, reading various threads here and elsewhere, it's all good, and all this sniping can only have a good long-term effect/affect. I've really enjoyed seeing how various arguments are laid out, by people with whom I've associated certain ideas, specific beliefs, misguided assumptions, etc. Sometimes I'm the Ass, and sometimes I learn about one I'd not really perceived before...

I'm not trying to be snarky or snide, I really mean to be positive. It's going to be painful, like 'cancer is painful' painful, for America to work out the whole of its issues about race, and gender. I'm going to set aside the latter for a minute and just say on about race: We can hack it. Let's make it more complex, let's hurt some feelings, let's feel some confusion, doubt and uncertainty.

Seriously, just writing those words is like a burden off my shoulders. If people, people who "aren't like" Obama, are debating "what it means" as they speak and he speaks and we speak about what we said while speaking about each other...ah, blessed critical examination and reflection. It's like a train wreck, a virgin's deflowering, and a souffle falling all at the same time. You just can't help but look, and hope something will rise out of it all. I'll note that Jesse's run didn't bring this conversation about when it happened; only the notion of "he's actually got a fighting chance" has rubbed this season's scab raw.

Friends can disagree. People can believe, and hope, and lose hope, and stop believing. Or some combination thereof. But I'm dancing in the streets OK, I'm not because I've been woodworking for the last five days and I'm tired like a Bolton video because some people are finally, actually, meaningfully realizing that it's a valid question: Black folks* really don't all think alike. Like perceiving sunlight after a long, dark storm, to see that concept rest upon the shoulders of those who've never entertained it, for the first time, is uplifting.

*insert longwinded jargo-babble including all known categories, hipster terminology and me-me-memes. we're all niggers now, that's the one I own.

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'cause God above knows (as does the Flying Spaghetti Monster) white folks don't all think alike, either.

Not everybody in Lubbock, Texas is a proud-and-out Glen Beck fan, but damn if sometimes I don't think the whole 29% moved all the way here just to piss me off.

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everyone knows that mccstain, moroni, and grandpa fred aren't the same. they are alike, but they have their Interesting Character Differences! like different people in a Moovee. the most unthinking, uncritical republican drone-voter can still make "a choice" and feel not only good about it, but supported by the mainstream cultural narrative. "pick yours, no two exactly alike."

and "everyone" knows that there are Huge Differences between hillary, edwards and obama. the most important of which being, "one has a vagina, and another has a penis of unknown size!" shocking, variety, amazing in difference, the universe is so diverse, etc. but policy wise? well, shut up and stop talking about that, that's rude. so is mentioning that the "top 3" are mostly the same, regarless of hair follicle shape or skin hue.

bottom line: there is an essential freedom to claiming the heritage of "i'm White" that can't be found in the similar heritage of claiming anything else. "white" is freedom, not for all 'white' folk but for those who can afford the franchise. rich, "white" people can think anything, be anything, do anything. in this country, even rich, powerful, elected "not white" people can't make that claim.

reversing things for a moment: how do you think the OFB would respond should he go all 'malcom x' on them? heads would explode.

...must abed soon...

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We can admit that we're killers ... but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're not going to kill today! ~ Captain James T. Kirk, Stardate 3193.0