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Spoke too soon (or at all) on the winter. Today there's a blizzard coming up the Coast. We'll hope it blunders out to sea but if it doesn't, traditionally, storm conditions plus our second-world instrastructure bring power and phone line failures. (Since I heat with wood, I'll be physically fine no matter what, most likely.)

And then there is heavy snow and high winds. So, if you would put in a word with The God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice, If Any, regarding This Old House, that would be great [chews hands].

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Submitted by hipparchia on

And then there is heavy snow and high winds.
and people wonder why i'd rather live in florida and brave the hurricanes.... keeping my fingers crossed for you. also, i'll be keeping you company with another cold spell, though the high winds came through here yesterday and we're snow-free.

[chews hands]
nooooo! not the hands! must take good care of the hands! love your christmas morning description.

put in a word with The God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice, If Any
hmmm... looks like that would be khione.

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Submitted by Fredster on

It looks particularly ugly in Boston, Philly, Jersey and New York.

Glad you have heat (Lambert has wood?). ;-) Do you have flashlights/lanterns and such? Are you stocked up with foodstuffs?

Submitted by lambert on

... basically, a big snowstorm, though DownEast is worse off (looks like the storm only clipped central Maine, instead of following the coast). Not even a foot of snow! Right now, it's not snowing, and the radar says there's only one more band of snow to go (and no rain. An ice storm would be much, much more dangerous, because of the power lines). So far, so good!

I have wood, food, kerosene lamps; and I'm in a small town, not out of the woods.

So, despite my bleating about third-world status, here I am: With heat by oil and wood, power, gas, an Internet connection, and coffee. It's all decaying infrastructure, of course (especially the power, which was privatized and sold to out-of-state interests) but it was built back when we could build....

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Submitted by Fredster on

Sounds like you'll be more than okay. Are they good about plowing the roads in your area?