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Pretty Bird Woman House Rises Again--Because of YOU


Remember a few weeks back when Nezua Limon Zolagrafik-Jonez put up a post called Christmas for a Wounded Pretty Bird? The short: a women's shelter on the Standing Rock Reservation in Dakota, which helps Native women who have suffered physical or sexual abuse, got some fundraising help from the Net to get a shelter up and running.

In October some bastard stole everything out of the place and burned it down.

So the word spread--Pretty Bird Woman House needed help. They figured it up and set a goal of $70,000, which would get them a new building, furnishings, a few month's salary for everybody while waiting on more grant money, etc. It was a figure of impossible luxury and thought to be impossible.

Happy New Year, folks. They now have, according to AndyT over at dKos, raised nearly $80,000 with more still coming in.

'Scuze me, I am having a hard time typing, I seem to have something in my eye.

Go over and read Andy's story though, it's got the details, including where you can kick in a buck or two (yes, one person donated $2, albeit several times. Another person donated more than $6 grand. It's all good) and read the admittedly incomplete list of links of posts people put up at other blogs as the story spread.

I am sinfully proud that of all the sites Nezua flogged this, Corrente is up near the top. Take that Jesus' General, HA!)

Damn good work there Nezua. And everybody else who dropped in such funds as might be troubling your pocket, or helped spread the story, or took a moment to send good thoughts to Standing Rock. Those count too. Send some more of whatever you've got, 'mkay?

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Xan, thanks so much for following this up. i should have hit that, so thank you.

and thanks to corrente, as always, for the platform, and for all readers who helped.

Rock on, people!

(PBWH misspelled my nombre, which, of course, is Xolagrafik, not Zolagrafik)

.delusions of un mundo mejor.

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Sorry Nezua, I knew something didn't look right there but was too lazy to check properly.

If it's any consolation people refer to me as "Zan" on a fairly regular basis so I can truthfully say I feel your pain. And with the same letters yet. End of the alphabet gets no respect, no respect I tell ya... :)