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"President Obama said he hopes the Internet will help keep everyone honest"

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What's it like to hope?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i try soooo hard not to click SCLM sites. for many Good Progressive reasons, even! and- fair use means you can post a graph or sentence or two. could you please try to include some meat in your posting? everyone?

some of us have 'outdated' browsers and operating systems, or pic-unfriendly dial up, or only so much time to open new windows in a harried flash of instablogging. it's...annoying to have to go find out "the point" of posts by clicking and loading and suffering the pop up ads and browser crashing of corporate sites, all just to read one or two juicy elements.

this is the power of blogging: you can quote, liberally, and let the truly curious chase all the links while the harried and/or lazy just read the important part right here on the blog. i'm a guilty hypocrite and i too do lazy posting like this at times, but as a reader, pure and plain, if you want me to notice something, it's so much better if you at the very least highlight the part worthy of our notice.

there's a crypto/security/corporate control of information angle here too. just sayin. thanks!

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But the content of the article itself wasn't really the focus, just the quote that amused me, for its out-of-context irony.

And if WaPo is going to get our hits, there are worse things than them seeing that Froomkin is popular.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

dan is a sweet sweet man, so shy and unassuming and yet so important in the development of our New Media. you're right, i owe him the clickthru. still, for some it's hard to know, just by this post, that such is accomplished by the clicking. laziness, that i never condemn. obviously. ;-)