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President Narcissus

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Violet: His biggest mistake was his failure to TELL US A FUCKING STORY????

How is it a man who won an election for state senate, US Senate, and President can be so completely out of touch.

We have soaring rates of unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcy, homelessness, and suicide, and President Narcissus thinks we would have a better opinion of him if he had only told us a better story?

If Romeny weren't such a horrible candidate he would be 20 points ahead by now.

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Submitted by malagodi on

That's exactly the failure. And the failure of so many to understand - not my opinion - but the historic functional role of the Presidency perpetuates this cult of personality distration around whoever is in, or aspires to, the Presidency.

The Presidency exists solely to manage the competing economic interests vested in the various states and thus act to hold together the union of those states. It is principally a managerial function that involves resolving the disputes between those interests and maintaining social order.

Ronald Reagan was the perfect President because he was the perfect story-teller. Bill Clinton can still spin a pretty good yarn too. Below them are the aides and managers who sort out the real squabbles between contesting industrialists and financiers who control the political process. It's a business, not a democracy.

Any idea that the President of the United States is somehow the President Representative of the Grand American People is simply delusional. Like believing in Prince Charming.

Not only is this a historic and somewhat infantile mistake, it acts to deflect attention from what is the actual problem: not who occupies the White House, but the institution of the White House and the whole corrupt political system itself.

If we stop believing in Santa Claus, maybe we can start to understand reality and act accordingly.

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Submitted by shargash on

And here I thought the president was the commander in chief of the armed forces, and the person chiefly responsible for faithfully executing the laws of the land. Instead he's Mister Rodgers. Who knew?

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.... were nothing but stories.

So it's really just a question of what story he tells. In fact, the story both Obama and the Democrats have been telling is "We can't do anything because _______ ."

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Yeah, I heard that interview. It was a jaw dropper all right. It's like, I've got to tell all those dopes out there about the magnificanse of me in a way that dopes can understand. I mean, the purity and perfection of my policies are just beyond their fucking comprehension. (I smell Cass Sunstein. He must be crawling around here somewhere...)

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You know what? You're right! I thought of 'slithering' as soon as I logged off.