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President McCain

Oh, come on, Paul.

Your editor should have cut from the bottom; ya had me 'til then.

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I was going, uh-huh, uh-huh, mm-hmm, and then. . . Say what?

Not one word about, for instance, Obama's insistence on opening up offshore oil drilling to "get the votes" to pass Yet Another Corporate Welfare Bill (Climate Version).

(And it's kind of funny how now that there's no chance of more offshore drilling for a while, there's no "climate" bill either.)

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If only Barack Obama didn't stop Barack Obama from doing what Barack Obama really wanted to do!

What about "Democratic President, Democratic House and Democratic Senate" does Paul Krugman not understand?

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is John McCain, who lost the election, than the elected POTUS.

So says Krugman.

Dang, the Nobel Prize ain't what it used to be. Does it retroactively confer "thick as a brick" now?