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President Fuck You's Iowa stooge tells New York AG to fuck off.

From WAPO/Bloomberg:

N.Y. bumped from 50-state foreclosure committee

By Brady Dennis, Published: August 23

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who is leading foreclosure settlement negotiations with the nation’s largest banks on behalf of all 50 states, abruptly removed New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from the coalition’s executive committee Tuesday, saying he had “actively worked to undermine” the group’s efforts in recent months.

Miller did not speak with Schneiderman before he sent word about the decision. Rather, Iowa assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan e-mailed counterparts around the country just before 1 p.m. announcing that New York had been booted from the key group of states overseeing the negotiations, “effective immediately.”

Schneiderman showed no sign of backing down, however:

In a statement, spokesman Danny Kanner said Schneiderman remains “committed to a comprehensive resolution” to all mortgage abuses and that “ongoing investigations by attorneys general cannot be shut down by efforts to settle quickly.” He said Miller’s decision would not prevent Schneiderman from continuing “to be an active voice on these issues as a part of the 50-state coalition and in other forums.”

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden praised Schneiderman for continuing “to raise important and legitimate concerns about the scope of the releases being demanded by the banks.”

So yeah, I'd call that "doing it in the road."

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Submitted by Randall Kohn on

I also suspect he'd better avoid public transportation as well. And maybe a food taster would be in order, too. /only-half-snark

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His father is obviously complicit in Obama's shilling for the banks. Is Junior genuinely breaking ranks with Senior here, or is he keeping up appearances so he can slide in the knife later?

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has been one of the (I think it's only) three AGs still not signing onto the deal. (I am assuming that is still his position, don't have time to look it up now, but that was the case on Monday anyway.) He hasn't been as aggressive as Schneiderman in arguing against it, but he's definitely been on the right side so far at least.

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Beau Biden knows exactly what he's doing. Since Biden is an Iraq war vet, I'll put it in military terms, he's laying down covering fire for Eric Schneiderman.
"fire and maneuver": in this doctrine, the "fire" element engages and suppresses the enemy from a distance, with the primary objective of pinning the enemy in place and suppressing his ability to fire in turn; meanwhile, the "maneuver" element closes with the enemy with object of destroying him in close combat

Because Biden is working in concert with Schneiderman, administration officials will much prefer keeping their head down instead of attacking Schneiderman for fear of making a mortal enemy of the Vice President. Incidentally, I give Beau Biden points for rejecting the offer of filling out his dad's Senate term. Beau's a young guy, he'll get to the Senate on his own soon enough.

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Well, no matter how hard they try to distract me with the next shiny repub candidate, my Rage is still abrewing 5 years after the Dems took control by a force of strongly worded letters and (barely) crypto-Conservative candidates.

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An action alert from Foreclosure Hamlet: (I've just used one of my very rare tweets to pass this on to my three followers!)

Please People!

Take a moment to send thanks and encouragement to Eric Schneiderman & his staff who are aggressively investigating fraudclosure and felony land record fraud. Remember he has a voice in the 50 State AG Panel which has many bank owned puppets (see Pam Bondi, FL AG and Luther Strange, AL AG) who need to be drowned out!

As is anyone who stands up and speaks out against TBTF predatory and criminal acts against Americans, Mr. Schneiderman is being attacked.

Remember that he is an elected official who is actually representing the people who elected him instead of the financial institutions! A rarity indeed who must be thanked and encouraged.

Take a moment to call (800 771-7755 or 212 416-8000) or send a note of thanks, encouragement, and support to the NY AG:

NY AG's WebMail Form:

Craft your own words or here's a sample script to say when you call or to copy & paste when you email:

Thank you all at the NY AG's office for standing up to predatory banks who are dispossessing, foreclosing, and evicting millions of American families by committing mortgage servicing fraud, securities fraud, modification fraud, felony land record fraud, property conveyance fraud, and fraud upon our courts across the nation. The impact on our economy of tens of millions of American properties with clouded titles and defiled land records has not even begun.

Please continue this important work. Please do not let the attacks and push back by the financial industry and their corrupt puppets in positions of power impede your office's work aimed at protecting citizens from the criminal and predatory acts that have greatly harmed us all.