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President Fuck You to the 99%: "Pppppfffffbbbbtttt!!!!!!!" (Part 1)

As announced in THE HILL yesterday:

Obama warns left: You won't like budget
By Alexander Bolton - 01/17/12 05:30 AM ET

Top White House officials are warning liberal and labor leaders to brace themselves for President Obama’s budget proposal.

Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, sought in meetings last week to lift the left’s gloom about Washington’s crackdown on spending by promising that the president this year will focus on job creation rather than deficit cutting.

How those two grafs fit together in the same universe, much less the same article, is best left to the philosopher kings. My guess is, they're telling us not to go away mad, but to just go away - and don't forget to vote D.

So that's the bad news. Here's the "good" news:

“I know there have been a variety of meetings and discussions with White House folks on the budget,” said Mike Lux, a Democratic strategist who advises liberal and labor groups. “I know from my perspective of working at the White House in the Clinton years, you have to prepare people when there’s tough news. It’s much better to have these conversations in advance.

“The White House has been doing a good job of briefing allies and prepping people,” he said.

And that's what counts - that the stooges, staffers, and pundwits get a chance to make up plausible excuses. The rest of us are just good for a laugh.

So if you think you're hearing a loud "Haw haw haw" emanating from Versailles, you're probably not imagining it.

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"He must stick to the $1.047 trillion spending cap he agreed to with GOP leaders, which means he will call for less discretionary spending than he did last year."

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Unfortunately, it took me until the fall of 2009 before I started thinking like you. By the Spring of 2010, I was firmly in your camp and have been ever since. What sickens me is how few people can see past the Liar-in-Chief's rhetoric and how quickly people, particularly Blacks, have the knee-jerk reaction that if you are anti-Obama, you have to be a Republican. Gahhhhh!!!

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“We’ve seen the pendulum go back and forth between deficits and jobs,” said one liberal advocate. “We want the president to focus on jobs and economic security and went away feeling confident the president will do that.” 

"Pppppfffffbbbbtttt," said another liberal advocate.