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President Fuck You to black base: STFU, and I really need your money

What an asshole:

[OBAMA TO THE CBC] “I don’t have time [even on the golf course?] to feel sorry for myself . I don’t have time to complain, ... I am going to press on. I expect [give me money] all of you to march [Oooh! Civil rights era echo!] with me. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We [who?] are going to press on.”

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UPDATE Here's the unsanitized version (and thanks to alert reader millerz for pointing this out:

Obama also told a largely African-American audience -- some of whom have said he has caved too often to Republicans -- that, "I expect all of you to march with me and press on."

"Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes!" Obama said. "Shake it off! Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying! We are going to press on. We've got work to do, CBC."

ZOMG!!!! Subject to correction, my first thought on seeing "bedroom slippers" was to ask "What do people in slippers do?" and answer "They shuffle, that's what they do." So that would make anybody black who questions Obama... What?

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Where to begin?

If you've got a problem with 10% nominal (20% real) 17% nominal (34% real) DISemployment, you're feeling sorry for yourself.

If you've got a problem with criminal banksters owning the administration, you're a complainer.

If you've got a problem with killing old people with Social Security cuts, you're grumbling.

And if you've got a problem with killing everybody with Medicare and Medicaid cuts, you're crying.

Translation: STFU.

As Obama's rump Ds started, so they continue. They seem to think that insulting people is the best way to win support. And I suppose in a way, they're right; after all, Obama's Preznit. So they'll keep doing it (for example).

Obviously, Obama's impervious, whether through personal arrogance, sociopathy, foreknowledge that 2012 is rigged, or -- why not say it -- genuine belief in the conservative policies he's implementing. The only way to get his attention would be to primary him, or explicitly withdraw support. Since we're talking about the flaccid CBC, that will never happen. But isn't it pretty to think so?

NOTE Of course, to "little single payer advocates," this isn't "one side" of Obama, or the "new, tougher" Obama; it is Obama.

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Submitted by jest on

They give lip service to black causes, but they really do not give a shit either.

The whole affair is comical bullshit.

Here we have a group of black people, who don't give a shit about the poor, listening to a speech from a black dude, who also doesn't give a shit about the poor, talking about how they all give a shit about the poor.

All while shoving copious amounts of Moet & foie gras down their throats.

The whole charade is disgusting.

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Submitted by millerz on

Good point on the golf course, lambert. Also note: he's supposedly talking about people with double the already high national rate of unemployment. So who cares if the wealthy, waited on president has cause to feel sorry for *himself* --- why is it suddenly about him? Oh, that's right, these particular jobless people should take off their bedroom slippers and help poor beleaguered Barrack.

You read that right...bedroom slippers. Those were the very words Obama used.
The Post has cleaned this up. Yahoo and some other places have more quotes and info.

Remember when Hillary was asked why she was still in the race and she mentioned Bobby Kennedy and that was twisted into a dog whistle call for the Obamessiah's death? Can you imagine if she had ever told jobless AAs to get out of those bedroom slippers and stop cryin' and complainin'? Talk about a dog whistle to the "lazy" stereotype!

And as to certain sites claiming we're being "punked" by this story by the media, as if we should dismiss our gut disbelief, what do they have to say to Maxine Waters (D) who pointed out that Obama's midwest bus tour skipped black neighborhoods? Already, the media is cleaning this story up instead of magnifying it.

Submitted by lambert on

Recycled the trope instead of contextualizing it...

Submitted by Hugh on

Obama has all the money he needs from Wall Street. What he needs from the African American community is organizing, energy, and votes.