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President Fuck You: Raising Medicare eligibility to 67 is a "modest reduction"

Oh no it's not.

Hey, any Obama supporters still out there? The clue train is leaving the station....

NOTE About the headline... Using the word "Fuck" is a proud tradition in the lefty blogosphere. But really, Obama says "Fuck you" to the left all the time. "Little single payer advocates." "Fucking retarded." "On drugs." Yet the left is just as powerful, numerically, as the Tea Partiers, if not more so. And yet nothing we say or do has the slightest impact on anybody in the legacy parties at all, including Obama. We are completely unrepresented. Even though we keep being, ya know, right about stuff. And handing $16 trillion dollars to the banksters, no questions asked, no strings attached, and then dicking around with medical care for old people is an asshole move anyhow. So, "President Fuck You."