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Precious bodily fluids

Watching Dr. Strangelove last night seemed a propos because of Syria. Here are two of the great scenes with General Jack. D. Ripper:


"We need fresh, pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids."

Great comedy, or all too real.

A fine example of "the paranoid style of American politics."

Or possibly... The right sometimes, in a weird, fun house mirror kind of way, gets the right story but the wrong facts and the wrong characters. (I'm in a rush, and putting this a lot more clumsily than I think the idea deserves. Like they go haring off after Agenda 21, and miss the TPP.)

In this case, Ripper is driven -- or drives himself, completely voluntarily -- around the bend about fluoridation. But if you think about lead, or hormones in meat, or the generic way our very flesh is treated as a rental extraction point, just like a mine or a landfill, it might look very much to you like Ripper got the right story ("certainly without any choice") but the wrong chemical ("flouride").

I'd be interested if readers see if there's anything to this idea, and how they would expand or extend it.

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