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Pre-debate coverage thread

Please check your manual, The Clinton Rules, under "Debates."

Whatever Hillary says is both calculated and wrong.

No need even to discuss.

She should quit the race immediately and apologize profusely for even running.

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Submitted by Joebasic on

Question for Hillary: Mrs Clinton, can you tell our viewers how far into the mud you will continue to sink in search of further baseless attacks against Senator Obanma?

Question for Obama: Senator Obama..Can I have your autograph?

Question for Hillary: Mrs Clinton, what can you say to African voters regarding your obvious racist ambition to bring down the first black presidential campaigh?

Question for Obama; Senator Obama, Are your teeth really that white?

Question for Hillary: Mrs Clinton, how can you possibly withdraw the troops from Iraq, bring peace to the miseast, and deal with the nuclear ambitions of Iran..and please provide a specific, concrete detailed answer unlike your campaigns generalized themes..

Question for Obama: Senator Obama, how does it feel to have the Hillary campaign running on the notion of crushing the hopes and dreams of the American people?

Question for Hillary: Mrs Clinton, without sounding shrill and catty, can you explain why we should elect you when Bill had an affair?

Question for Obama: Senator Obama..what is Oprah really like?

Also..a pre-leaked memo from the Obama camp complaining about unfair and tough questioning from CNN which further demonstrates the medias pro-Clinton bias which is illustrated clearly by the tough attack questions given to Obama, opposed to the softballs lobbed at Clinton.
Further..expect a Frank Luntz focus group of "Republicans undecideds leaning to Obama" to say that he won the debate hands down..that he looked hopeful while Hillary looked "mean".
Further..expect none of them to be able to name a single Obama accomplishment.
And so it goes...
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Submitted by kangeroo on

that shit was hilarious. thank you. laughter does a body good.

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Submitted by hypnot on

But Joebasic, haven't we heard all those questions already?

Who's doing the asking (setting the agenda) this time around?

Is there any chance we could get both candidates to take a crack at these, for instance:

How do you plan to make sure that every American has access to adequate health care--not just when they want it, but when they need it?

How do you plan to extricate us from Iraq and Afghanistan?

And if the answer seems a little vague or incomplete, how about insisting on clarification?

I'm sure the readers here can think of more & better questions, and I hope the candidates can come up with better answers.

Submitted by lambert on

From the same link:

... a crisis management and communications strategy consultant ...

Shock Doctrine, anyone?

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.