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Remember when the Washington Post was a newspaper instead of a house organ?

I do. Why some bloggers want to emulate Pravda instead of seizing a business opportunity for the delivery of trusted news content... Well, I understand it, I suppose.

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I saw your posts about FDL and understand your point. However, I think the problem is much larger than FDL. We have an appropriation problem throught progressive and liberal activism. Folks who used to tear their hair out when the republicans did it, now easily find justification for their own misleading relationships, writing and activism. It wasn't just FDL, HCAN was getting its stuff on a lot of national progressive or otherwise left leaning-ish (or claimed so) blogs, not fully disclosing the connection between the named author and HCAN. Jason was all over the place and rarely disclosed his upper echelon connection to HCAN, particularly early on. On Huffington, Jason is still known on his individual blog posts only as "an activist living in Washington, DC". You see the HCAN connection only if you go to his profile in the bloggers index. How many people will do that? He also wrote a lot for Daily Kos. The HCAN relationship is disclosed on Jason's blogger's page on Kos, but again, not on each individual post. HCAN also created a group of blog commenters armed with their talking points trolling the web for any writing on health care reform. My local HCAN was quite aghast when I didn't agree to just publish their talking points on my blog without question. The chief local HCANNER actually wrote me nasty emails attempting to get me to remove a post where I partially agreed and partically disagreed with him. I also had several HCAN driven commenters until I booted them off for lack of disclosure of their relationship with HCAN and factually challenged comments. Our local single payer yahoo group has been almost completely taken over by HCANNERS who sit on the group more than the regular group members writing diatribes belittling anyone attempting to organize on the site for single payer and answering each and every single payer comment and event posting. Moveon was doing the same thing on that group, but backed off as Moveon backed away from the Senate's bill. Now, the most common comment on the group is the confused question "I thought this was a single payer group?" Again, all of this comes from people who went nuts when the republicans were engaging in this sort of activity. They have no problem doing the exact same thing for HCAN or OFA or Moveon, for that matter. Much of the grassroots left has been appropriated and many of thems still don't get that is what has happened to them. They listen to the Obama Administration meme that anyone against the bill is a left wing wacko comparable to the tea partiers. I even received something of the sort from a candidate for statewide office and warned him what he was doing and he only sees how hiding in Obama's shadow will help him in his own race. I told him he might get a pretty big surprise on that one.