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Prank of the year: WI Governor Walker (R-Angel Soft®) falls for call from fake Koch, spends 20 minutes sucking up to him


Here's part two.

Wait for the conservatives to punk the Ds the same way, and why not indeed?

NOTE BuffaloBeast, overloaded right now, via FDL.

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FDL has transcribed some of the conversation. Plus link to Adam Weinstein, other updates including transcript of Walker's plan to trick the Dems back to the Senate with, well, an outright lie.

*I have lots of friends here in NJ who still ask if I'm going out to Minnesota for the holidays, etc. Green Bay has changed states as well time to time among my native Eastern friends. Heh.

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Fixed. I know the difference! I think I had MI in mind from BAR's
Detroit post.

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I believe the Koch brothers own the Brawny brand.

They sure as hell are a principle stock holder in Walker.