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In Praise of the Senator from Maine

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Praise for the senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe. She's not playing the injecting competition on the backs of 5% game -- she calls it what it is: a safety net.

This amendment establishes a non-profit government corporation through which a "safety net" plan would be provided in any state in which affordable coverage was not available in the Exchange to at least 95% of state residents.

Said 5% would undoubtedly draw from one or more of: older; low-income; chronic care recipients, also known as a high-risk pool.

Yes, I give Senator Snowe credit for not trying to buff a turd, the hobby horse of progressives.

Crack in the door? Well, 34 states already have held the door ajar with no evolution to "real competition" or single-payer, for the simple reason that you can't compete behind a pool of society's most vulnerable. What can they offer except to remove their unhealthy selves from your pool? It's a safety dance.

A village has called and wants its public option back.

Special Bonus at the 2:00 minute mark: see a citizen get paddled with a public option!

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