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and the abs aren't bad, either.

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I'm guessing he gets in some serious weight training. It's not just basketball.

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Obama is all of a sudden no longer "embarrassed" to have photos of him taken shirtless. Interesting. I thought it was beyond stupid of him to go bodysurfing in front of dozens of cameras as the Georgian crisis was unfolding and McCain was painting him as a celebrity this summer. Especially since the whole point of his team saying Clinton had to quit immediately was so he could concentrate fully on the GE. Well, I guess he instead went to work on that slight middle-aged lower gut flab of his, which is now apparently gone.

Obama, like Bush, seems not only full of himself but also seems to enjoy strutting like a peacock for the cameras. Here's hoping we don't have any Top Gun moments with Obama.

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and gross dishevelment, this is at least one place where Obama will be an improvement as President. Classier-looking results from the workout regimen.

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Will march us boldly forward into history.

It is very important that our Leader not be some flabby tubby tub like Al Gore, or a dumpy (and old) little shrew with a 'harsh laugh'. Our Leader must be tanned, toned and ready. The more stunning His body, the more He (of course 'he') will strike fear in the hearts of our enemies and gain the love of His people.

Apparently Obama is now going for the Braveheart/WWF vote.

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Did he get tingles?

Seriously, this is exactly like what happened with the press getting all gooey over Commander Codpiece strutting around on a carrier deck. "Progressives" howled and jeered the press for their superficiality. Same superficiality from the press but now it's all okay because it's the "progressive's" choice that's being slobbered over.

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I'm just waiting to here that our fearless leader saves a drowning swimmer while on his Hawaiian holiday vacation.

Hell, even Obama's presidential hero, Reagan, who was choregraphed to death, was more subtle about it. We already know that Obama's going to Washington on the same route Lincoln took.