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PPACA: Resource Library

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PPACA: Resource Library. Links will be added regularly.

Federal Government Resources
State Resources
Academic Resources
Private Organization Resources
News, Blog Posts and Stories of interest

Federal Government Resources

-- HealthCare.Gov :: "The creation of the Web site was a requirement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that President Obama signed into law in March 2010, and the site is designed to provide comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on health insurance options. (Lacking an obvious "About" page on the site, this description was borrowed from"

-- IRS
-- -- 26 CFR Part 1 :: Minimum Value of Eligible Employer - Sponsored Plans and Other Rules Regarding the Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit ( TAGS:: MV, Minimum Value, EHB, Essential Health Benefits, Employer Sponsored Plans

-- Health and Human Services

State Resources
-- California

-- Oregon

-- Washington, D.C.

Academic Resources
-- University of California
-- -- Berkeley
-- -- -- Labor Center: Health Care Policy
-- -- -- -- National Calculator
-- -- -- Law School: Health Care Reform Policy Briefs, Research & Other Materials
-- -- -- Publications:
-- -- -- -- How the Affordable Care Act Will Create Perverse Incentives Harming Low and Moderate Income Workers, by David Gamage

Private Organizations (NOTE: Lambert or Katiebird have browsed these sites and they found evidence of credibility and interest but, they can't guarantee the validity or relevance of the information on the sites listed here)

-- Henry J. Kaiser Foundation ( TAGS: General Health Care Information, Medicare,
-- -- Subsidy Calculator ( TAGS: Calculators, Subsidy Calculator, Exchange Calculator NOTE: This is a widely used calculator but, browse through the Notes and Frequently Asked Questions and you'll see this disclaimer, "Premiums in the calculator are illustrative examples in 2014 dollars derived from estimates of average premiums for 2016 from the Congressional Budget Office" also there are no links to the Federal Rules and Regulations that lie under their calculations.

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