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PPACA Link Dump for 2013-06-24: Please contribute!

As part of the PPACA FAQ, we're going to do a link dump every Monday; here is last Monday's. As the rollout approaches, we'll be forecasting future events for the coming week, but we're also interested in good links from the past week, so please, add those in comments! Your reward will be undying fame at Corrente and The Confluence in the form of a hat tip.

We're much more interested in very concrete posts about problems with the PPACA (ObamaCare), and solutions (if any) for those problems. Issues might include successes and failures of the exchanges, what the plans really deliver, how the metals differ in their subsidies, conditions covered and not covered, navigator training, how eligibility works (especially dual eligibility), and basically anything nutsy and boltsy.

Big picture posts are fine, too, but we have "ObamaCare Clusterfuck" for the real pro-single payer trench warfare stuff.

Also, if you have ideas for how the format or the coverage of the Monday Link Dump might be improved, please leave them in commments, too.

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(Reuters) - New health insurance exchanges being set up by the federal government in more than 30 states under President Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare overhaul could miss an Oct. 1 deadline for open enrollment, a government report said on Wednesday.

The report by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) said key parts of the framework of the exchanges, including those that addressed consumers' eligibility for federal subsidies, management and monitoring of insurance.

GAO reports (614 is for small business exchanges)

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I do check Kaiser, so anything further afield would be even more welcome. The subject area is so huge I'm sure I'm missing stuff.