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Power Outage

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The power is out and its too dark to read indoors. I'm waiting for guests to arrive--it was supposed to be movie night, but we can find something else to do if need be--so I'm stuck at home. Outside, where its light enough to read, a slight drizzle prevents me from enjoying the first cool evening in a while. My wireless connection is down so I can't turn on the ol' PC and browse the net to see what's going on. What to do, what to do.

I'm working on a novel that I could spend my time on, but I have this massive case of writers block and still need to sort out a few plot lines. I really need to be in a certain mindset to write. The novel isn't really an option right now.

I have that post on introductory biophysics I've been meaning to write for Corrente (which has been thwarted once by a browser mishap) but I can't access many of the links I want to include so I'm less than motivated to do that. I've been meaning to write a post on what its like, politically, being stuck in between Gen X and Gen Y. Its an interesting age group ignored by every pol since we are not stationary like college students or folks with families. I wanted to do that in the context of music but can't access youtube (yeah, still waiting for Blackberry and Adobe to get the appropriate Flash player add-on) so that's out the door.

[Did I mention I like to procrastinate? I thrive with deadlines and having too much on my plate. I like having a baseline stress level well above average (though I'm not sure if its really stress if I enjoy it) to keep me motivated.]

I guess I'll just end by recommending the movie "Vision Quest". Its a cheesey 80s movie with Matt Modine that every wrestler has watched a hundred times. While its not the greatest piece of cinematography, it is really true to what its like being a high school wrestler. It also has my favorite Madonna song in it.

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You promised to us last week and now it's this week.

Can you get it to us later today?

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