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Power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely

Politicourtesan Mike Allen gushes over Willard Mitt Romney's 31 PowerPoint slides. Even though he didn't actually see the presentation.

31 slides! Just imagine! And look at those shoulders!

[Screams. Pounding, as of head on wall. Shattering glass.]

NOTE Via America's favorite substitute gym teacher.

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I went out to the Romney website and reviewed the slides. I was very impressed with the information. What a novel idea, a President that can actually formulate a plan and articlate it.

I'm been evaluating the candidates, however I have to say Romney is really impressing me. He continues to be ahead of the curve. Both his depth and breadth of knowledge is impressive.

If you're like me and haven't decided, I suggest you look at Wikepdia for the resumes of the candidates and then check out each website.

Romney is the only candidate (Rep or Dem) who has had extensive experience turning around bad organizations. Of all of the candidates Hillary and Mitt have the most impressive education background.

Family Values are very important to me. For a democracy to remain strong, I must rely on my neighbor to teach their children solid values of personal intergrity and moral strength. I believe the President and First Lady have a role as leaders to be an example to the american people of strong character values and the Romneys walk the talk.

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