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Power of the Church: Rule and Ruin Lives

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So the Mormon church poured tons of money into passing Prop 8 in California. Turns out the Catholic church issued orders to parish priests: instruct your parishioners to vote yes on 8. One didn't. So not only did the Church suspend him (thus depriving him of a living -- wages, benefits, shelter, and all), but it torpedoed his chances to get a job with a faith-based organization working on behalf of poor people in California.
'Splain this "Christianity" to me again, somebody. 'Cause from here it just looks ... wrong.

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Catholic priest, who looks like Rasputin and is extremely unfriendly and creepy (not universally loved in his parish either) came into the gym yesterday, marched over to one of the teevees, and turned on Fox News. Good grief. He sunk even lower on the scale.

But Fox does cater to ignorant religious types, so why should I have been surprised? (I'll bet Jesuits don't watch it. :))

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Why do olitical- religious establishments masquerading as non-political religious establishments still have tax exemptions?