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Pour encourager les autres

McChrystal out; Petraeus in.

Just what we need
. A political general.

Please, now can we fire Bernanke and Geithner?

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Generals with political ambitions is not a new thing, and it's not always dangerous. But in uncertain economic times, when people are desperate, a military leader should not become too famous, or too popular. The United States has become anti-democratic enough as it is; we don't need a potential Sulla to compound the problem.

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Financial crisis, trillions in losses, unemployment triples and stays there . . . . . nobody fired.

Gulf oil spill, environmental disaster for decades (centuries?), whole communities ruined . . . . . nobody fired.

General who is supposedly doing a good job (although why the job still needs doing after Mr. AntiWar rode in on his sparkly unicorn is anyone's guess) ridicules Obama for fecklessness . . . . . ZOMG!!! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!