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Post-Tree Planting Round Up

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Elderberries are lovely. However, one of those and several others, along with pruning, means I'm too tired to do more than a metapost. Today's topics: Spying, suicide, dead brown people, and more on forcloseures.

The key words in this article are "tens of thousands of Americans, without warrant or cause. Are you on the list?

One unexamined issue was the effectiveness of the N.S.A. program. 'The vast majority of what we did with the intelligence was ill-focussed and not productive,' a Pentagon consultant told me. 'It’s intelligence in real time, but you have to know where you’re looking and what you’re after.'"

So much to filter, so little time. Kelley says they don't have Skynet yet, but who knows how long that will be true.

I can't imagine what the conditions here must be like:

And yet, the total number of suicide attempts was only three more than three months earlier. And with more and more suicide attempts, the total number of attempts since the prison opened was exactly the same as the number reported a year earlier.

Just remember this story the next time you read about...anything that your government is telling you. How little interest they have in the truth.

24K, 240K, who cares? It's just dead brown people. "We don't do (Iraqi) body counts," he famously quipped:

Those who count the increasing number of American soldiers killed in Iraq are missing the bigger picture, retired Gen. Tommy Franks said Saturday night.

“What we’re talking about is neither 2,400, 24,000 or 240,000 lives,” Franks said at the National Rifle Association’s annual banquet. “Terrorism is a thing that threatens our way of life. It doesn’t have anything to do with politics.”

The "bigger picture." Would that include Halliburton and KBR quarterly profit statements, I wonder?

I posted on this earlier, here's some more not encouraging data:

NORTHEAST FLORIDA -- The rise in foreclosures that analysts predicted would follow an easing in lending restrictions, low interest rates and creative mortgage products has emerged in metropolitan Jacksonville.

Recently released data from California-based RealtyTrac Inc. showed the five-county metro area experienced a 39 percent increase in foreclosures over last year's first quarter, or 3,579 foreclosures for the first three months of this year compared with 2,570 for the same period in 2005.

So much of our economy is tied to housing, I see that now daily as I'm working. Beyond just the real estate agents and the people bringing their new income to a residential area, there are many categories of business that rely on a fast moving housing market: landscaping, plumbing, painting, lumber, nurseries, and so on. I hate developments, but I'm still not happy about this news.

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