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Post-SOTU analysis: Econblogs pan Obama (mostly)

No time for detail, but see Marshall Aeurbach at Yves place, Brad DeLong (!), and Economist's View.

Even Krugman says the administration is "pretending to be stupid". Ye gawds.

Rortybomb is more enthusiastic, pointing to the student loan proposals as good for the creative class.

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"Ha ha, kids, you'll only have to pay 10% of your income for 20 years! Aren't we awesome to you?"

I mean, 10% of your income on student loans may be an improvement over what people have now, but it's not a sound economic proposition. A kid pays 10% on loans, 25-45% on rent, 10 - 20% on food...hmmm, not much is going to be left for anything else, is it?

The continued creation of the overeducated economic underclass continues.

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You want your poor people to be uneducated. If they're educated, they start to ask questions about their lot in life and they possess an awareness that things don't have to be the way they are.

Educated people becoming poor is bad juju for the folks at the top. You can only distract the educated for so long.

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on what you mean by educated. You can get a college degree in how to do a job without ever learning how to think for yourself - which is what they really want and which seems to be happening more and more.

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More like miseducation nowadays, or more aptly, neoliberal indoctrination. One big dog and pony show, even more apparent with the commercials for "higher" education...COMMERCIALS. Education--vocational, college/graduate--should be guaranteed by the state if it is so basic. Right now, it's (almost) another rent, even with scholarships, because of the opportunity costs (flip burgers now or flip them later with a doctorate or with nursing school).

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and ready to give the fuck up.

Ridiculous. Absurd. Outrageous. Anything else?

Please excuse me. Horseshit forever and evermore.

I mean it.