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Post bin Laden Pakistan

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Pakistan’s predicament

A diplomat from a NATO country that has troops in Afghanistan said Zardari “might have realised that, in the final analysis, he might not find the international community rallying behind him to help him with his goal of establishing civilian supremacy in Pakistan”.

Other Western diplomats agree with this assessment. “Although the US is prepared to go to war with Pakistan in an extreme case, Washington and its NATO allies would do all they could to avoid such a situation,” a diplomat from an EU country said. “It seems the Pentagon is willing to move on with the Pakistan army if it completely abandons the Jihad project launched by General Ziaul Haq.”

“But this time, the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department, the Congress, the White House, the global media and other major powers are not willing to believe in any verbal or written guarantee by Pakistan,” he added.

“Such is the current level of trust deficit between Pakistan and the rest of the world that any new deal will be based on creating a mutually agreed mechanism for verification, to ensure that not only the Jihadist structures are being dismantled or destroyed, but also that our money is actually being spent on schools, hospitals and roads,” a senior diplomat from a NATO country said. “By the Jihad project we mean Al Qaeda, Mullah Omar’s Taliban, the Haqqani Network, TTP, various Deobandi militant and sectarian groups, Jasih-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and all of their Pakistani or foreign militant or non-militant affiliates operating domestically or internationally from Pakistan. We will offer all help in this endeavour if we are convinced that there’s a strong political will within the establishment to do so. ”

sounds like a good idea. mebbe we could set an example for Pakistan by doing the same thing.

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What the US got involved in Afghanistan is the midst of a proxy civil war between India and Pakistan. All of the elements that are mentioned here are Pakistan's proxies/allies in that greater conflict. Apparently what the international community is demanding is that Pakistan surrender to India. Which is fine, but extremely unlikely to be accepted.